Our Pure Hemp Oils are Made with the Highest Quality Hemp Extracts.

100% organic hemp derived Hemps

100% organic hemp derived Hemps

Grown in both the U.S. and the E.U. by farms adhering strictly to certified organic requirements respective to their country. Partnering with both of these International and Domestic farmers, we can provide 100% organic material year-round.

We source our Cannabidiols (Hemps) from pharmaceutical quality producers. All Hemps infused into our products are over 99.7% pure, validated by Certificates of Analysis.

Top-shelf Ingredients

Top-shelf Ingredients

Therapy uses all natural and organic hemp ingredients whenever possible. We use a top quality MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil derived from naturally grown virgin coconuts as our main carrier oil.

All additional additives, when applicable, are sourced from qualified industry leaders. We constantly search for organic and natural solutions for all of our ingredients so we can deliver the best Hemp oils to you.
Organic Hemp Sourcing

Organic Hemp Sourcing

Our Hemps are derived from 100% organic hemp. Grown in Coloado. by U.S. farmers growing under the protection of the 2014 farm bill and their state regulations.. Partnering with these Domestic farmers, we can attest to the quality and care that goes into all of our hemp-sourced derivatives.

All Hemps infused into our products are over 99.7% pure, validated by Certificates of Analysis.



Among the cannabinoids in cannabis, the main psychoactive compound, THC, often outshines the one that provides a natural anti-anxiety, anti-epileptic and antipsychotic effect. Cannabidiol, or Hemp, lacks the colorful high commonly associated with your traditional marijuana high and doesn’t have much of a noticeable effect when isolated. When combined with THC, the relaxing effect combats any feelings of …


Clarification On How Hemp May Help Pets

Have you heard the buzz about treating animals with cannabidiol, a constituent of the hemp plant? It might sound a bit unusual, but it’s true that many are using hemp-based products to treat common ailments among their pets. This year, Therapy Pure Essentials has big plans to release supplemental nutritional oils for both cats and …


Arthritic Joints Can Benefit From Hemp

Joint problems, which affect people of all ages, often go without proper treatment and become exacerbated by everyday life. Arthritis in particular is difficult to treat because there are so many different triggers involved.  Unfortunately, many patients with arthritis feel as if they are on a runaway train with their symptoms, using treatments that only …


Hemp Is Supportive of Good Skin Health

How much money have you spent this year trying to improve your skin? We’re guessing far too much and hardly anything to show for it! Many modern skin products do not treat the source of the problem we’re trying to fix. This is especially true in cases of acne, psoriasis and eczema. Rather than treat …


What Are The Causes Of Inflammation?

Pain, stiffness, and swelling are health annoyances that affect everyone, from elite athletes to the aging population. When there are no other explanations for the root cause of these symptoms, we say that they are due to chronic inflammation.


Hemp: The New Hope For Epilepsy Patients

If you’ve ever known anyone living with seizures, then you may also know that treatment options are heartbreakingly limited. Among other uses, the correct dose of Cannabidiol or Hemp – the second most prevalent cannabinoid found in the hemp and marijuana plant – has been found to stop seizures in their tracks. When used over …


How To Start The Conversation About Hemp

When it comes to starting on a daily regimen of cannabidiol, or Hemp, many people are nervous about how people in their lives may react or respond to their treatment decision. It can be overwhelming enough trying to learn about how this chemical works within your body, let alone having to explain it to your …


Get To Know Your Major Cannabinoids

Depending on how long you’ve been using cannabis, you may be aware that there are several different things going on chemically inside the plant.  For those of us who are new, cannabinoids are the phytochemicals which create the euphoric, relaxing, and medicinal effects that cannabis is known for.  Make sure you know what you’re putting …