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    Cannabidiol Regulation of Learned Fear: Implications for Treating Anxiety-Related Disorders

    By: Regimantas Jurkus 1, Harriet L. L. Day2, Francisco S. Guimarães3, Jonathan L. C. Lee4, Leandro J. Bertoglio 5 and Carl W. Stevenson2*


    A growing body of literature provides compelling evidence that CBD has anxiolytic effects and recent studies have established
    a role for CBD in regulating learned fear by dampening its expression, disrupting its reconsolidation, and facilitating its


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    Can CBD help in the Prevention of Hypertension?

    Did you know that hypertension, or high blood pressure, affects an estimated 25 percent of adults? The prevalence of this potentially life-threatening syndrome only increases in aging and unhealthy populations.

    There are several preventative measures one can take to keep his or her blood pressure at normal levels. However, for patients who are already in the more progressive stages of hypertension, more immediate and drastic action is typically required to lower that individual’s risk of having a heart attack or other cardiac emergency.