Therapy Pure Essentials

Our Mission

Here at Therapy Pure Essentials, LLC, our goal is to produce the highest quality nutraceutical products that are both effective and accessible to all consumers. We are committed to education, research, and advocacy to promote unrestricted access to all plant-derived products that may improve the health and quality of life for both people and animals.

In order to ensure this, we make four promises:
        1. We will only source the finest ingredients.  By securing our precursors from well-established producers that have not only proven track records, but qualified certificates of analysis (COAs) , we are able to verify and confirm the quality of every ingredient that goes in to our products.
        1. We insist on the highest safety standards. Everything we sell on this website is manufactured by us, in our state of the art facility currently working towards a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification. Strategic partners are required to accommodate these same standards.
        1. We encourage and respond to feedback. We follow up every with every customer in an effort to ensure that our product is both palatable and effective. We strive to accommodate customers suggestions as we would like our products to evolve and grow to meet and exceed your needs.
        1. We will support and encourage education and advocacy. By supporting like minded organizations, we will work to promote legislation on both the state and national level, that will help to normalize our industry through practical regulation.
      1. We will pay forward. Initially working through 3rd party non-profits, and eventually through our own foundation, we will put our charitable dollars towards causes that promote our values, safe access, and improved quality of life.

Our Commitment

Certified Containers and Top-shelf Ingredients

Therapy uses all natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. We use a top quality MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil derived from naturally grown coconuts as our main carrier oil, shying away from oils that are not stable at room temperatures, in an effort to increase both bioavailability and shelf life.

We source our Cannabidiols (Hemps) from pharmaceutical quality producers. All Hemps infused into our products are over 99.7% pure, validated by Certificates of Analysis.

All additional additives, when applicable, are sourced from qualified industry leaders. This includes everything from vitamins and essential oils to flavors and electrolytes. We constantly search for organic and natural solutions for all of our ingredients.

All of our bottling is certified. This means that all of our bottles and lids not only come from respected manufacturers, but that each combination has been awarded a 16 CFR 1700 certification.

Organic Hemp Sourcing

Our Hemps are derived from 100% organic hemp. We ONLY source Hemp grown in U.S. by licensed cultivators and processors in Oregon, Colorado, and Kentucky –  farms adhering strictly to high standards and certified license holders. Partnering with both of these International and Domestic farmers, we can provide 100% organic material year-round.


We make or oversee everything we sell. By having our own in-house manufacturing we can deliver the best quality products and produce finished goods at a more affordable price. As we work to obtain our GMP and ISO certifications, we are committed to insuring best practices and rigorously embrace sterility and safety in the production of all of our products. Any products not made at our facility need to qualify to our standards and are thoroughly vetted accordingly.

COA Tested

We test and retest. We retest our precursor isolate to ensure it is consistent with the provided COA from the manufacturer. We also test each general batch of products we produce to ensure potency across the various bottle sizes and infusions.

California Based

We manufacture all of our offerings here, in California. Located in beautiful San Diego, California our production facility searches for the best local sources to make our products, and best local talent to staff our labs and offices. Surrounded by respected research universities and positioned appropriately in one of the largest biotech hubs in the U.S., TPE sits on the intersection of talent and capability.

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