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Celebrating Our Bubblegum Tincture with the Gift of Chocolate!

Buy any Bubl Tincture, and get a free sampler pack of our incredible CBD-infused Vegan Chocolate!

BUBL • CBD Chocolate Special!


Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Derived MCT oil, Hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD), Organic Bubble Ingredients:

Serving: .5ml (half dropper)
Servings/Bottle: 30 (15ml) 60 (30ml) 120 (60ml)

EACH PURCHASE COMES WITH A 3-BITE SAMPLE BAG OF BITES ($9 Value) and a 35% discount off your next purchase!

BUBL • CBD Chocolate Special!
BUBL • CBD Chocolate Special!
BUBL • CBD Chocolate Special!
BUBL • CBD Chocolate Special!
BUBL • CBD Chocolate Special!
BUBL • CBD Chocolate Special!

Our Story - It all Started with Rusty...

Rusty, my rescue dog (shown here at 1 year old), was my best friend for over 15 years. The day before I had to put him down, a chance encounter with a random stranger named James turned into a conversation about CBD, and that seemingly casual conversation put in motion what became Therapy Pure Essentials.

At that time, our cannabis company (Therapy Tonics and Provisions) had been getting many inquiries about hemp-derived CBD from parents, pet owners, researchers, active military - you name it.  It seemed like everyone was turning to CBD in hopes of improving the quality of their lives without the "high" from THC. As it turned out, James was actually supplying CBD tar to a study project in Brazil that was working with children suffering from Dravet syndrome. Dravet syndrome, previously known as severe myoclonic epilepsy of infancy (SMEI), is a catastrophic type of epilepsy with prolonged seizures that are often triggered by hot temperatures or fever. It is intractable, and hard to treat with anticonvulsant medications. It can literally kill a kid.

Evidently, the Hemp tar was working wonders with many children in the study group; in some cases even reducing the number of seizures by over 90%. It sounded nothing short of miraculous. There was one problem however that was extremely difficult to overcome...  

It certainly seemed like the CBD tar had all the makings of a miracle solution for Dravet syndrome.  After all, it was yielding very exciting, positive results and was even affordable (since funding for the study was subsidized by the Brazilian government).  But, as it turned out, it was nearly impossible to convince a five year old to ingest hemp tar (which tastes horrible).  Since we had already been formulating amazing products in the cannabis space since 2008,this seemed like a problem we could solve. 

We got to work. We conducted tons of research.  We started building relationships with cultivators in Colorado where hemp was being grown and processed legally. We started working with different types of distilled hemp oils and isolates, and established relationships with flavor houses specializing in all-organic 100% natural flavors. 

We were able to develop a number of great tasting tinctures, but the big question remained: would the efficacy of the CBD be conserved?  Would it be as effective as the hemp tar?  Once we we satisfied with test results and efficacy, James started replacing the hemp tar with our infused oil. And the results were exactly as we had hoped.

Not only did our new formulation work as well as the hemp tar, but our Bubblegum flavored formulation turned out to be a game-changer.  Now instead of getting complaints that the parents were having a hard time getting their children to ingest the hemp tar, we were getting complaints that they literally had to keep our Bubblegum-flavored oil on the same shelf as the cookie jar because the children couldn't get enough of it!  In this effort, and from the pride and joy we felt regarding our part in this study, Therapy  Pure Essentials was born with and its concept of  'flavor therapeutics" was not only validated; it is still used to this day.