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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's

Common questions regarding Hemp oil and other Hemp products.

Q: What is Hemp?

A: Hemp, or Cannabidiol is one of over 111 active compounds found in Hemp and Cannabis. Hemp is a non-psychoactive, however, there is extensive documentation on its medicinal applications.

The Hemp isolate found in our oils is derived from 100% organically-grown industrial hemp sourced exclusively from hemp grown in the United States
and the European Union. As such, it is 100% legal to sell over the counter in all 50 states and US territories. Click here for more information on the 2014 Farm Bill – Section 7606.

Q: What makes your Hemp oil different?

A: Unlike our less advanced competitors who rely mostly on hemp oil that has inconsistent amounts of Hemp present, our oils are built based on two very distinct and important criteria.

The first is a consistent and reliable amount of Hemp in each bottle. By building our oils from the ground up, we can – with 100% certainty -promise that they always contain the amount of Hemp referenced on the label, with a standard
deviation of less than +/-3%.

The second and equally important element is the carrier oil we use to deliver our Hemps. We have spent countless hours sourcing the best and highest quality source of fractionated coconut oil [MCT Oil] available on the market today. The reason we have chosen this oil is simple: bioavailability. The amount of Hemps you take is only as meaningful as the amount you actually absorb. By using this MCT oil, we know that we are optimizing the absorption as qualified by many peer-reviewed studies.

Q: Can you ship to my country?

A: We currently ship within the USA. We are not shipping internationally at this time. If you are interested in our products and living outside of the United States, please email us at

Q: How do you make Hemp oil?

A: Our Hemp oil goes through a multi-stage process, starting with a UV sterilization process, ensuring our containers are free of bacteria, yeast, mold and other microbes. Our carrier oils, Hemp isolates and other botanicals, flavors, and terpenes are then added in a cascade of processes at varying temperatures to assure maximum absorption. We then purge our bottles with nitrogen to slow the process of oxidation and extend shelf life.

Q: Why is my oil turning pink or purple?

A: Coconut and/or MCT oil contains naturally occurring variations in levels of antioxidants, such as polyphenols, that can turn pink. All of our MCT oil is clear when bottled; however, some bottles turn pink or purple with time when the antioxidants interact with light and/or oxygen. This does not change the quality or effectiveness of our oils. In fact, it actually verifies the high quality of our MCT oil.

Q: Will Hemp Oil help with my “ailments”

A: While we can not make any claims as to what Hemp oil can and can not help with there are a lot of resources out there that can help explain things further.  Below are some links that might help answer your questions:

 Potential Therapeutic Effects of Cannabidiol

 Cannabidiol and Cancer

 Treatment of Psychosis and Schizophrenia with Cannabidiol


Q: Is Hemp the same as marijuana-derived Hemp?

A: Yes and No. Although isolated Hemp is the same molecule regardless of its source, the main difference is that hemp derived Hemp is legal in all 50 states, whereas cannabis or marijuana-derived Hemp falls under federal guidelines associated with schedule 1 narcotics. In addition, hemp naturally contains a lower amount of THC and higher amounts of Hemp, making it a better source for Hemp in general.

Our Hemp is isolated from organically-grown industrial hemp, boasting purity levels above 98%, and contains nearly no trace amounts of THC – far lower the federally acceptable amounts.

Q: Is hemp derived oil legal in my state?

A: Yes, Hemp oil derived from industrial hemp is legal in all 50 states because it is a byproduct of hemp, not marijuana.

Q: Is Hemp oil safe to take or ingest?

A: There are currently no known negative side effects from Hemps. Currently, no known amount of consumption has proven toxic to humans or pets. In addition, Hemps can be absorbed topically, sublingually, and throughout the digestive process. Current studies suggest that sublingually provides the best method of absorption. We highly encourage you to research Hemps online as well as consult a health care professional regarding personal usage and dosing.

Q: Will your products show up on a drug test?

A:  No, the typical UA analysis tests for THC, not Hemp, and since our products contain no THC it will have no impact on the test. The only test they might show up on is roadside tests that police use which explicitly state: “Does not differentiate between Hemp, THC, and CBN.”

Q: Can you overnight my product?

A: Currently, our standard shipping procedure is Priority Shipping which delivers your package to your door within 3 days, however, if you would like overnight shipping instead please contact us.