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Amazing old dog recovery story

I want to share a cool animal recovery story with you...
CHAMP (12yr old white lab)~
*Rescued at 4yrs old
*Chained to a post for the next 6yrs of his life :(
*Brought to my boyfriend's ranch 2 yrs ago, owner was his ranch hand.
*Pictured below by the horse stalls before ranch hand moved to Texas and before we adopted him
* In April 2019 we adopted him... started feeding him weight loss food
* June 2019 took Champ to vet for FIRST TIME in his life!! Vet found he had Cushings disease. This is why he could not stand up for long and walk farther than a few feet, in early 2018
* September 2019 all extra weight lost gone... still not as mobile, but better.
* EVERY morning, receives Furry300 oil mixed with breakfast for 6wks!! Symptoms of Cushings Disease GONE!!

My dog won’t stop harassing me for more CBD

Ruger is a 115 pound Rottweiler. We just moved to California from Virginia and it is her first time living in a condo/apartment like setting. She has been an anxious mess, barking at every little sound she heres. I was introduced to this CBD by my friend, Shaggy, who works for the company. She’s only been taking it about a week but I’ve noticed the night time barking has definitely slowed down and I think with continued usage, we’ll be in a much better place during the day too. It’s also helped her digestion - making her bathroom breaks much more predictable. Lastly, she freaking loves it. She’s too smart for her own good and has seriously been waiting at the counter looking back and forth from the bottle to me like “um hello woman, where’s my cbd?”.

Bridget, thank you so much for your feedback. We are so happy to hear that our products are working for Ruger!!
Koa & CBD

We adopted a 3 yr old beagle/lab mix a couple of years ago who had 2 previous owners and a troubled past. Her anxiety stemming from abuse was a real problem until we were introduced to CBD oil. After just a couple weeks of minimal dosage Koa became less fearful and anxious and her behavior improved dramatically. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who owns an overly hyper or stressed pet, as you will be pleased with the results.
CBD Believers, Steve & Pam OConnell

Dear Steve and Pam, thank you so much for sharing your experience with Therapy Pure Essentials. I can't even describe to you how happy it makes us all feel to hear how our products help pets like Koa!!!
Takes a little of the crazy out of 'puppy'

My dog Barley was a rescued 4-month old runt of the liter. He was anxious and a bit scared, but the Canine180 really made him a lot less crazy in the "destroy your couch, chew the corner off the coffee table" kind of way. All it took was 10 drops in the morning and 10 at night and he was a lot less destructive.

Don’t go by give it a try

Have tried several other brands of CBD and didn’t feel anything. My aches and pains felt better almost instantly on Therapy. After several weeks of use it has a total calming effect on my mind. Totally worth checking out.

Paul, I have to tell you that we really appreciate hearing feedback on our products and we are so happy to hear that you are experiencing great results with our coconut tincture! It fills us with such pride to know we are helping people who are benefiting from it.
Cinna300 rocks

I have used a number of CBD oils in the past. Some taste good, some taste bad, some work some do not. For me, it is about controlling my anxiety without the side effects associated with prescription meds. The Cinna 300 is just the right amount to get me going in the morning and the cinammon flavor really lights me up and energies me. I havent taken a zanax or zoloft since I starting using this therapy oil regularly.

John, thank you so very much! It is fantastic that the Cinna300 is helping you so much that you are no longer taking conventional pharmaceuticals. Your review really illustrates the power of CBD and we sincerely appreciate it!
Great tasting and effective cbd tincture tincture

I have tried a couple of CBD tinctures from therapy pure essentials now and I have to say bubl is quite possibly my favorite flavor. I find myself craving it. I took it for joint and muscle I inflammatuon but found myself using it twice daily due to the improved sleep. 10/10 - I also really love the blue900 that’s is probably my favorite tincture from them